Temi House has loads of history wrapped up under dusty pages of forgotten books. A leisurely stroll through the corridors, a word or two exchanged with the natives and you’d come across many interesting stories of the place and its owners. Is it true that wonderful stories come out of forgotten histories of a place unknown? We think so.

When Temi House became a homestay, there were a mere 7 rooms that served as rooms for guests; today we have 26 fabulous rooms created using influences of the traditional Newari Woodwork along with contemporary architecture to provide a most intimate and comfy setting for our guests.

Newari woodwork is rare to find in present day’s urban scapes of Sikkim. However, at Temi House, you will be able to re-connect with that which is not only old, artistic and traditional but at the same time modern, chic and comfy in terms of aesthetic. What else is rare to find, is a place to stay in Gangtok that has a lawn, a rooftop lounge and a lot of open space. Temi house has it all catering to elevate your precious moments of leisure.

With a view of distant hills that will leave you awestruck on your path, Temi House is one of the best spaces for you to completely let go and unwind from life. Temi House is a place where one can not only unwind but at the same time experience the local cultures, customs and cuisines at its best. The superb hospitality acts as the cherry on the cake. Every moment is pleasantly memorable at the beauteous Temi House. Come experience it for yourself!